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What is McAfee Personal Locker? 

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McAfee lock allows us to store private files securely in a personal vault on our device. These files cannot be accessed without entering the required password. It acts like a secure container that keeps our data and Files safe preventing others from accessing the data. There is no extra amount to be paid for McAfee personal locker, it is inculcated in your subscription. It is safe to use. McAfee software provides McAfee file lock by default. After creating the vault, we can unlock and lock it at any time depending on our requirements. In the unlocked form, you can have access to your files while in the locked form, your files won’t be accessible hence protecting them from unauthorized access. Since this vault is a default feature of McAfee software, hence it is suggested that it should not be deleted as it may result in improper functioning of the software.  

McAfee volt can be easily created on the CD or DVD, USB drives, and other shared network drives. We can also import the vault on the second computer after it is created. However, it should be noted that files that exceed 4GB cannot be stored in a volt so if you need to add larger-sized files in your vault you must compress the size of the file to less than 4GB.

To set up a personal vault in file lock, follow the steps:

  • Search for McAfee file lock in the start menu.
  • Open the file lock folder, click my privacy, and click-lock private files.
  • Click create and set up your security questions and answers for password recovery in case you forget it. Select any three questions from the list that you’ll remember and type your answers, make sure you don’t forget these answers.
  • Click next. Name your want and customize the size for your vault. Make sure that the size selected for your world must be available on your hard drive. Set a strong password that you’ll remember for your vault in the “password “field and confirm it by re-entering in the “re-enter password” field.
  • Click next. Choose the location in the “advanced” option if you don’t want the default location to be set.
  • Click finish. Choose whether you’ve to leave the secure drive locked or unlocked.
  • Note that we can create multiple vaults and set passwords for each.
  • Your vault is created and you are a step away from locking your files in the vault for ultra-security.

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